The flood, a poem

Source: Pixabay
Onward speeds the mighty rivers,
In their mad and wild career;
Down through cities, towns and hamlets,
Causing misery far and near.

On through fertile plains and valleys,
On the raging billows ride;
Carrying with them deep destruction
And distress on every side.

Higher, higher, grows the flood-tide.
Deeper, deeper, is the gloom; 
Homeless thousands, starving hundreds.
Is the city’s awful doom.

Busy streets turned into rivers
Quiet homes made desolate,
Awful ruin, dire destruction.
Is the city’s sad, sad fate.

Oh! I hear the saddened cry for help
The wail of sore distress;
Oh! hear the awful cry of woe
That comes from out the west.

Oh! sky of dark and sullen clouds.
Give way to sunshine’s rays;
Oh! dashing waves that spread the land,
Give way to happier days.

~ George C. Rhoderick, Jr.