I Almost Held Your Hand Today

I almost held your hand today,
But something made me stop;
I looked deep into your eyes,
And saw stars around the top.

I wanted so much to tell you,
But I couldn’t find the words to say;
And searching for the right things,
The words just went away.

I felt an easy feeling,
Way deep down in my soul;
For I felt you could love me,
The way we used to know.

It’s hard to hold back feelings,
That are bursting down inside;
But love just will not go away,
No matter how hard I tried.

I almost had my nerve up,
But feared you’d call me a name;
For I remember when you told me,
We would never be the same.

And I almost held your hand today,
Why did I have to stop?
I can still look into your eyes,
And see stars around the top.

~ Gary R. Ferris
The ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree but to hold hands. ~ Alexandra Penney

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