The Girl

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There once was a girl,
All tiny and shy;
Happy in all,
She never had to cry.

Small, but big,
All strong and bold;
Always helping others,
With a heart of gold.

From hope, prayers,
And help from above;
The girl searched,
Until she fell in love.

Faithful and true,
She honored her man;
Loving and caring,
For the ring on her hand.

As time went on,
The dark clouds came;
And the love she had,
Didn’t feel the same.

Scared to death,
Of the love she had lost;
Angry and confused,
She had long paid the cost.

Hurting deep down,
And long withdrawn;
She cried all night,
And sometimes until dawn.

She searched for answers,
In every way;
By living her life,
From day to day.

The clouds were gone,
And winter became spring;
And the girl had hope,
Of what summer would bring.

After all was done,
And all she’d been through;
The love she’d lost,
Had become brand new.

~ Gary R. Ferris

Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place. ~ Zora Neale Hurston

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