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I guess every port of refuge has its price — the Eagles

What excites a question. What does?
Seeking to secure that edge
between the tolerable & the
Begs a life lost beneath the cushions.
Or who surrenders the self to a role model
Bottoms out, finally, left holding the bag.
Nothing more real than nothing
Provides the promise
what is above is like what is below
what is below is like what is above
At this base level quantity becomes quality
As the devil we know contrives
sarcophagi within sarcophagi
toward some mean end.
Cramped in this arena each familiar object
Puts on its ugly face
& everything shiny, sweet-smelling & mostly useless
keeps any fervent stranger
cooling their heels outside the door.
Where a forward step would explode all thought
In the last analysis
A lifetime spent in tears makes for some cheap & empty
What excites a question. What does?
Beyond the normal everyday
of wandering shades & phantoms
The fear
Have the faithful departed? The faithful.
Never do.

~ Stan Rogal

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