Credit: emilyharriet
I feel God travel with me,
when the sun sets and on the sea,
together we walk as it grows dark.
We are all together but walk like orphans.

But I feel God and he gives color
to my life.  He is kind and sad,
like those who attend the sick and dying;
He whispers like a lover in distress.
His heart must hurt for his creation.

Oh, my God, though I have just come to you,
I love so much as it grows dark,
and in the balance within the heart,
I weigh and weep for frail Creation.

And you, what do you weep for … you who love
with your immense and whirling heart?
I consecrate you, God, because you love so much;
because you never smile; because your heart
must ache as Time continues.

~ Cesar Vallejo
(translated by Robert Bly)

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