Pickling the Chilies

Credit: Lacey @ Thyme On My Side
for R.F. Brissenden in memory 

The last light slants
across the garden

the tops of the pines
are on fire noisy
with flights
of galahs

the walnut tree
is already bare
branching veins
against the sky

in the deepening shadows
of the kitchen
our morning's work
lined up in clean glass jars
jalapenos like polished
seed brought from Mexico
in some traveller's pocket
long slim cayenne
dark green and fiery red
would have given you
such simple pleasure
and later the long dinners
of hot Thai made with them
all day we have kept
on four loads of laundry
sheets and white napkins
from our Easter meal together
the pleasure of taking it down
of folding and storing
the chilies to be eaten
next year
though still beautiful
will be less only
some small faith
put down in jars
for the time
to come

~ Nicolette Stasko

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