Mrs. Lot

Credit: Mark A. Wilson
There has to be something said for Lot’s
wife, for looking back, not moving on, for,
in other words, nostalgia, that onetwo
threefourfivesixseveneightnine letter
dirty word, when even Jesus for whom
she serves as reminder says to remember
her, and why else if he didn’t mean what
he said, understanding, of course, women
apt to cling to their homes, not having
in those days much else to cling to—and
what if they clung—like Lot’s poor wife whose
name we don’t even know to recall, she
having to pull up stakes and get out
just because some men liked other men, that
being none of her affair, beside which
she’d never liked Uncle Abraham’s loose
foot she swore he was born with, and so
she has long gazed back on the past which she
couldn’t put back any more than a pulled
tooth, for which crime she stands changed to a briny
pillar, still turned toward her yesterdays and
her God who surrounds her on all sides—right,
left, front, and back—her sad but salty stare.

~ Vassar Miller

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