the end of the line

Source: Instagram/Favim 
"There are feelings you expect to have
And satisfactions you hope to find
In the course of an ordinary day, as it unwinds
From the faint morning light and morning
Paper through a mild spring afternoon, and evening,
Dinner, music, then the drink before bedtime,
When you turn off the lights. And then there are
Those moments that destabilize the day, like that near
Miss in the car—a premonition of eternity in time,
The sudden stab of fear that I may cease to be.
I make my way across the page on which I find myself
Confined, a cipher at the center of the story,
Tracing out the outlines of these never ending
Sentences that define my life, and always haunted
By the inkling of that world beyond the mind,
Beyond the poem of the mind, the poem of my mind,
Where I don’t exist, and life goes on without me;
The impossible world from which I'm absent,"

~ John Koethe

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