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I made a promise to you before you came into my life....
I will never betray you. I will never endanger your life with my carelessness or impetuosity. I will fight for and with you. I will always have your back whenever you might need me. I will not leave you, and I will not lie to you, and if you will be patient and forgiving, I will learn how to forgive too. Because you’ve become the most important thing in the world to me. I’ll give everything I have to you, along with everything I can be, if only you will do the same.... Because somehow it’s going to be okay. Because I could never endanger my mate by throwing my own life away....
You need to know that you can trust me. I heard what you said. I heard everything you said, and while I’m still struggling with all of it, I want you to know that somehow it’s going to be okay....
I might not know the details of how I’m going to survive, but I know that I will, because I could never
endanger someone who was even a possible mate by throwing my own life away.

~ Thea Harrison

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