Credit: Thinking Witch by UntoldMage
First Sight and Second Thoughts, that’s what a witch had to rely on: First Sight to see what’s really
there, and Second Thoughts to watch the First Thoughts to check that they were thinking right. Then
there were the Third Thoughts, which Tiffany had never heard discussed and therefore kept quiet about;
they were odd, seemed to think for themselves, and didn’t turn up very often....

That’s interesting, said her Third Thoughts that busied themselves with the world in their own way. You
can’t see what’s hidden inside an invisible fist. How does that work? And why are those little purplegray blurs in the air where you’d expect to find eyes? Why aren’t they invisible?

That’s Third Thoughts for you. When a huge rock is going to land on your head, they’re the thoughts
that think: Is that an igneous rock, such as granite, or is it sandstone?

That part of Tiffany’s brain that was a little less precise at the moment watched the silver horse dangle
on its chain.

Her First Thought was: Take it.
Her Second Thought was: Don’t take it. It’s a trap.
Her Third Thought was: Really don’t take it. It will be colder than you can imagine.

~ Terry Pratchett

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