The truth about news

Source: Plugged In
For those who think it's their civic duty to stay up-to-date on world affairs... Bear in mind that almost every source of news makes their money through advertisements. In order to stay in business and earn a profit, these news outlets need as many people to see their ads as possible. And because they're all selling the same product, they have to fight each other for your attention every single minute. The way the news earns your attention is NOT by providing you with useful or accurate information, but by shocking you with sensationalist headlines and artificial drama. In other words, the only way the news knows how to stay in business is by winding us all up. We're especially profitable for them when we are collectively terrified or enraged. Terrorist attack? Cha-ching! Non-stop coverage!

The sad truth is that news outlets no longer care about investigative reporting, biased agendas, relevant information, facts or whether they're poisoning their audience's psyche. All they care about is numbers: page views, shares, eyeballs for their ads. Even the "truth deliverers" and conspiracy websites play this game. It's an impossible undertaking to sort through their incessant distortion of reality, and you can never be sure if what you're reading is true...

~ Charlie Hoehn

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