Resolutions for the Chronically Ill

Source: Favim 
1. I will not limit what I do because of fear of pain or more illness. I will take more risks and stretch my body's limits and my soul because that will help me feel good.

2. I will not, however, ignore my aching self during the day and just keep pushing. I will remind myself that it’s not just important, it is critical to take more breaks at the computer, walk early, mid and late in the day, and do my physical therapy exercises as prescribed.

3. I will not use fatigue and pain as an excuse to be crabby with others. I will recognize that I’m really only angry at me for letting myself get to the point where I feel so badly.

4. I will not wait until I’m desperate to ask for help just because my illness is getting in the way again. I will ask for what I need WHEN I need it.

5. I will not become sad or frustrated by how bad it feels when I am sick, tired or in pain. I will work harder and smarter at what it takes to make me feel good.

6. I will not resent others who seem to complain about the small stuff, especially when it’s a health problem. I will do a better job of reminding myself that life really is a relative experience.

7. I will not become angry with the people whom I love when they don’t notice that I’m not feeling “well”. I will share what I need to share and remember that others can’t really walk in my shoes.

8. I will meditate each day, even for only 10 minutes, because it will make me a more joyful and calmer person.

9. I will not tense with fear when I see that I’m on a path where there is only black ice on the ground. I will practice staying aware so I don’t fall flat on my face.

10. And, finally, I will not forget to give myself a pat on the back at the end of each day. I will remember that if I am not my own best coach and cheerleader, who will be?

~ Rosalind Joffe

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