If I Ran From You

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If I ran from you
to Ouagadougou,
I'd hear your voice in
talking drums.

If I ran from you
to Coromandel,
I'd catch your scent off
salted winds.

If I ran from you
to Auxerre,
I'd feel your touch in
blades of grass.

If I ran from you
to the well of Khaba,
I'd see your shape in
whirling djinns.

If I ran from you
to Madurai,
I'd taste your kiss from
banana leaves.

If I ran from you
to Muktinath,
I'd send you my prayers off
spinning wheels.

~ Karen Shenfeld


  1. Thanks Srivilasica (wherever you are!) for choosing my poem, "If I Ran From You," for your followers to read (as well as for selecting some other poems written by some dear colleagues and friends)!

    1. You are most welcome! And, thank you too for writing such a wonderful poem. It is great to have an author comment here.