The Child's Sight

The child's wisdom is in saying
They say what they see when they see it
I am beginning to remember how 
When I don't say it when I see it
I remember it differently

I am walking with the children
They have included me
None of us eavesdrop anymore
We speak the same celestial gibberish
Our spirit ticks the same
I feel again and am part of the inside world

The child is a little inspector when it crawls
It touches and tastes the earth
Rolls and stumbles toward the object 
Zigzags like a sail
And outmaneuvers the room

I am learning the child's way
I pick up wood pieces from the ground
And see shapes into them
I notice a purple velvet bee resting on a flower
And stop to listen to its buzz

They have included me 
And though I will not be put away to rock alone
And I don't roll down the plush hills
Nor spit for luck
I am learning their way
They have given me back the bliss of my senses

~ Hy Sobiloff

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